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Currently, one of the accountant’s functions is to contribute to the management of a company, especially with financial management, because from the analysis of the financial situation, it can give a better destination to resources, collaborating with the success of an entity. In this context, it is clear that the accounting concepts and practices can also be used in the organization of finances and in the financial planning of an individual, as the same methods of analysis and control of resources can be used in the finances of an individual. Thus, this study sought to demonstrate the level of knowledge related to personal finances and the financial behavior of the employees of the Colégio Técnico Industrial de Santa Maria (CTISM), and at the same time provide an understanding of how much Accounting is necessary in the management of personal finances. The type of research used was descriptive. Regarding the procedure for data collection, a bibliographic review was used. As for the approach to the problem, the research is classified as quantitative, reaching its objectives through the application of a questionnaire. With the objectives achieved, it was concluded that Accounting is fundamental for the monitoring and control of personal financial planning.

With their auxiliary techniques, such as cash flow, budget, analysis using indexes extracted from the financial statements, and with the applicability of concepts about the value of money over time, they form an information system that supports the financial decisions of an individual, and this individual In this way, they contribute to personal financial planning. It was noticed that many of the CTISM servers that responded to the survey, they are not aware that the recording of expenses is effective for controlling the budget and financial planning, as they do not find this type of control necessary; for not knowing how to record expenses; or for forgetting to write them down.

But most know basic finance concepts, such as compound interest and asset liquidity, and are therefore able to use accounting practices in their financial decisions.